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Welcome to PortugaLawLink

PORTUGALAWLINK is a special service offered by Dein Advogados in Lisbon. It connects lawyers whose working language is Portuguese but who are not based in Portugal. Through the network you can get in touch with Portuguese speaking lawyers all over the world.

PortugaLawLink was created at the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of our office – then still Jalles Advogados. We thank all colleagues who have contributed for their support.

Requests for membership and suggestions are always welcome. Do you know of other colleagues who might be interested or should be mentioned in PortugaLawLink? Please click here to access our registration form.

All information made available through the list is of generic purpose and does not constitute any legal or professional advice as such. We are not liable for the services provided by these lawyers or law firms or for other contacts provided by the list. Interested lawyers or law firms are asked to keep Dein Advogados updated on errors or modifications.

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